Embedded Identity: Infrastructure for Mission-Critical Identity Resolution

Identity is about more than improving your CRM records…it needs to inform and enrich every customer interaction.

LiveRamp’s embedded identity solutions integrate with your web and mobile properties, media assets and customer gateways to provide offline and online identity resolution for accurate engagement and measurement.

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Known and unknown audiences

Manage your customers and prospects with both online and offline identity solutions available through tags, appliances and APIs. LiveRamp’s identity is a standard for top brands globally and is widely supported by programmatic infrastructure and platform publishers so you can reach your audiences accurately at the moments that matter most.

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Personalize and enrich

Our realtime identity infrastructure is designed to support retargeting, prospecting (via lookalike audiences), and audience opt-outs and suppressions. LiveRamp’s data partners provide immediate access to custom data sets, making it easy to garner further insights for measurement, messaging and modelling.

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Multi-touch attribution, measured across devices

Resolve cross-device impressions to RampIDs, LiveRamp’s people-based, privacy- conscious online identifier. Enable intelligent attribution across online and offline touchpoints, and accurate credit allocation to the messages, offers, campaigns, and channels that drive the highest conversions for your clients.

Activate audiences, across your partners and ours

Match data across LiveRamp’s leading partner ecosystem for collaborative insights and innovative measurement. Activate 100% of your audience data through direct activation with destination platforms, all on RampID, safeguarding workflows and improving campaign ROI. Translate and map identity across domains for bespoke collaborations without needing to share PII.

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